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Power machines full unit (for: "in the shopping mall use")

Power machine(same as # 1)

2000 Sutton Finisher

Landis K sole stitcher

Auto soler finisher

Auto soler finisher

Shoe sole presser

Small finisher

Auto soler nailers(2) plus heel wheel

Bessler lock stitch Mckay

Champion chain stitch Mckay

Assorted machines & spray booth

Shoe dryer & shoe washing unit

Singer Vamp sewing machine

Artisan Heavy duty machine

Assorted patching machines

More patching machines

6' ft. display case w/light & blue Landis sole stitcher

New belt cutter

Sutton #1000 finisher

Assorted foot measures

Assorted 5 in 1 cutters

Assorted post machines

Rapid E sole stitcher

Classic register

Heavy Singer w/roller foot

Heel wheel

Belt edge trimmer

Classic Pennsylvania scale

Singer 97-10 heavy duty machine

Assorted auto solers & welt presser

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